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A Message from Steve

New projects are exciting. Each time we start a job, we share the homeowner’s sense of anticipation. Soon the property is forever changed … more livable, and more beautiful.

We sometimes hear from property owners about less-than-satisfactory experiences with other companies. They tell us of poor planning, unfinished construction, even a lack of consideration or courtesy.

You can rest assured that Clearwater Irrigation won’t disappoint you. Our extensive experience and training go into every project, so yours will turn out right. We enjoy what we do and the people we work for, and every member of our company will exceed your expectations for professionalism.

Our goal is to ensure that our customers receive the best value, quality and satisfaction from our services. We achieve that goal time after time, on project after project.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call when you’re ready for your next project. You can depend on us to help your property reach its true potential in the year ahead.

Contact us at 952-470-1994 or request a free consultation!

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