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Installing an automatic irrigation system will ensure your yard will always look its best. Showing off dense, green grass watered automatically, even when you’re away from home.

Clearwater Irrigation specializes in residential design, installation and maintenance of water-saving irrigation systems that protect your landscape investment. Our systems incorporate brand-name equipment and careful installation in accordance with best practices to all our Minnesota clients. By selecting Clearwater Irrigation to install your system, you are assured of a system that will be easy to use, easy to maintain and will provide years of reliable service.

Spring Start Up
Your irrigation system can be damaged if you do nothing but turn it on after a cold winter. It can suffer from problems like water hammer, which can cause water to erupt on your lawn. With our spring start-up service, you can be assured your sprinklers are ready to handle what spring and summer throw at them.

Winterizing your sprinklers must be done on an annual basis, and before the first freeze. If your system is not shut down and winterized properly, the water left in the pipes can freeze, causing cracks or ruptures, and can also damage critical components. by having Clearwater Irrigation winterize your system, you can trust it will be safe for the cold months.

Water Management
Clearwater Irrigation can determine whether your irrigation or sprinkler system is consuming too much water.

Our Sprinkler System Services include:

  • Free performance check up after initial installation
  • Installation of water saving, self monitoring Smart Controllers
  • Preventative maintenance and service
  • Audits of existing systems
  • Drip irrigation install/repair

“Your new system will do all the watering for you, even
when you are away from home.”

WR2 Wireless Rain Sensor Brochure

Fixed Spray Heads

Efficient and dependable sprinkler heads, with heavy duty stainless steel return springs.
Gear Driven Sprinkler Heads

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